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5 - 10 Galders 50 - 500 Galders Special Coupons/Checks Checks
5 Galder Coupon.gif 5 Galder Coupon 50 Galder Coupon.gif 50 Galder Coupon Thiefmon's Bad Check.gif Thiefmon's Bad Check 100k Galder Check.gif 100k Galder Check
10 Galder Coupon.gif 10 Galder Coupon 100 Galder Coupon.gif 100 Galder Coupon 10,000 Galder Coupon.gif 10,000 Galder Coupon 1 Mil Galder Check.gif 1 Mil Galder Check
Coin.gif Coin 500 Galder Coupon.gif 500 Galder Coupon 5 Mil Galder Check.gif 5 Mil Galder Check

100 Galder Coupon.png

100 Galder Coupon.gif
Required: TM Level 0

  Obtained from Monster:

Obtained from Drilling:

Weight: 6
Value: 120
Compound Ability: None
Description: Exchange coupon equal to 100 Galder. You can just use it.
Use: Usable to exchange for Galder.

Awards 100 galder when double-clicked.

Used for Quest: Monkey T - Monkey Business

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