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Tutankhamen.gif Tutankhamen Seal.jpg

Skills: Mana Storm, Mana Ring, Mana Arrow, Mana Shield, Cure, Rust, Banish
Summons Mad Sergeant (60), Mad Lieutenant (60), Mad Captain (60)

Lv: 71

Type: Magic

HP: 4085x4 / MP: 0

Exp: 19,608
Galder: 0-3721

AP: 605 / MA: 80

DP: 473 / MD: 564 / HV: 60

Protection: Non-elemental magic, Light, Wind
Weakness: Physical, Gun
Common Location(s): Pyramid Dungeon 7 - Room of Pharaoh

Use: 100 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Ultimate Bokken Sword, Ultimate Kane Rod, Ultimate Knife, Ultimate Wood Gun
Helmet: Ultimate Wood Helmet, Ultimate Beanie
Shield: Ultimate Wood Buckler
Unique: Golden Sword, Pharaoh Hat, Golden Lion Shield
Etc: Tutankhamen Card, Nemeth Hair Towel, Flail

Level Restriction: Level 1-90

Items Required for Entry: 1x Apron (consumed), 1x Subject's Earrings and 1x Subject's Mask (not consumed).
Entry Method: Give Rosemary in Pyramid Dungeon 5 - Hall of Love Affair an Apron and she'll let you into Pyramid Dungeon 6 - Hall of the Queen (must be level 90 or below).
Talk to Bastet with the Subject's Earrings and Subject's Mask and she'll admit you to Room of Guardian - Test of Calmness.
To proceed you need to complete 4 tests:
Lieutenant - Test of Calmness: Talk to Lieutanant to start a Monster Quest which requires you to kill the correct Scarab (it's aggressive) within 5 minutes then return back to proceed to Room of Guardian - Test of Quickness. NOTE: You don't need to loot the Seal that the Scarab drops.
Sergeant - Test of Quickness: Talk to Sergeant for another Monster Quest which requires you to kill Pharaoh's Mimic within 2 minutes to proceed to Room of Guardian - Test of Knowledge.
Captain - Test of Knowledge: Talk to Captain for a logic puzzle. There are 2 NPC's: Lieutanant and Sergeant. You need to choose which answer is correct based on what they say; the answers are found in Test of Knowledge. A second question will be asked about Egyptian history, answer this correct to proceed to Room of Guardian - Test of Power.
Bastet - Test of Power: Fight two Captains and one Guardian to acquire 1x Gray Round Seal, 1x Red Round Seal, 1x Dark Round Seal, then show them to Bastet to be transported to Pyramid Dungeon 7 - Room of Pharaoh.

Spawn Time: 1x Tutankhamen spawns 0-3 minute(s) after the previous spawn.

Notes: Tutankhamen spawns stronger versions of the three guardians you fought in Room of Guardian - Test of Power. Not recommended to fight solo below level 70 or so.

His Banish skill creates a large blue ring around a target player near him; anyone inside the ring when it disappears (around 3 seconds later) is teleported to Megalopolis and also to Paradise.


Tombeth.gif Tombeth Seal.jpg

Skills: Power Blow, Sturdy Shield, Final Blow, Magic Meltdown, Mana Reflector, Cure
Summons Chimu (78), Naranjo (84), Monkya (118), Arachne (123)

Lv: 121

Type: Charm

HP: 6,845x4 / MP: 0

Exp: 32,856
Galder: 0-9710

AP: 1178+48% Soil Attr / MA: 0

DP: 809 / MD: 936 / HV: 150

Protection: Non-elemental magic, Earth, Wind
Weakness: Gun
Common Location(s): The Trident Maze

Use: 500 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Ultimate Sword, Ultimate Bronze Rod, Ultimate Dagger, Ultimate Antique Gun, Swift Gladius, Sharp Short Sword, Master Wood Staff, Shrewd Stainless Gun, Master Saber
Helmet: Ultimate Steel Helmet, Ultimate Wood Gear, Master Turban, Clever Silver Helmet, Master Silver Helmet, Clever Soft Hat, Divine Soft Hat, Master Soft Hat
Shield: Ultimate Metal Shield, Stout Square Screen, Solid Gold Screen
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Tombeth Card, Sun's Coat of Arms, Stone Bracelet

Level Restriction: Level 1-150

Items Required for Entry: 1x Rosemary Card (consumed) and 1x Bead Necklace (consumed).
Entry Method: Give a Rosemary Card to Rosemary in the southeastern corner of Caballa Relics Dungeon 3 and she will transport you to a portal leading to The Trident Maze. In the next map, give Guide Sabrina the Bead Necklace to be transported to Tombeth's room.

Spawn Time: 6x Tombeth spawns 12 minute(s) after the previous spawn.
Notes: Rosemary Card can be obtained from Rosemary's Doll Collection, Rosemary's Angular Collection, Rosemary's Spice Collection, and the Bead Necklace is excavated in Caballa Relics Dungeon.

Captain Skull

Captain Skull.gif Captain Skull Seal.jpg

Skills: Armor Breaker, Cure, Shockwave, Shockvibe
Summons Quiem (75), Black Foe (79), Master Foe (84), Crow (88)

Lv: 152

Type: Power

HP: 8,555x4 / MP: 0

Exp: 41,064
Galder: 0-2263

AP: 1436+54% Darkness Attr / MA: 0

DP: 1035 / MD: 1239 / HV: 180

Protection: Physical, Gun
Weakness: Magic
Common Location(s): Wharf Field - Boss Room

Use: 50 Galder Coupon, 100 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Boost Bronze Cane, Swift Dirk, Chaos Epoch Sword, Ultimate Epoch Sword, Chaos Wood Rod, Ultimate Wood Rod, Chaos Dirk, Ultimate Dirk, Chaos Metal Gun, Ultimate Metal Gun, Shrewd Metal Gun, Shrewd Short Sword
Helmet: Stout Caberset, Clever Turban
Shield: Chaos Thorn Shield, Ultimate Thorn Shield, Spell Square Screen, Solid Silver Screen
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Captain Skull Card

Level Restriction: Level 60-120

Items Required for Entry: 1x Master Foe Card (consumed).
Entry Method: Give a Master Foe Card to Card Girl in the southwest corner of Wharf Field 4 - Chrono Wharf to enter Captain Skull's Cabin.

Spawn Time: 3x Captain Skull spawns 25 minute(s) after the previous spawn.

Notes: As of the Trickster Revolution Patch 2007-12-05, Captain Skull has become significantly stronger and has lost his Gun weakness; A party is highly recommended.

Ultimate Basic Cap and Ultimate Leather Gear are no longer dropped by this boss; they must be dug up in Wharf Field - Boss Room instead.

Tenter Lion

Tenter Lion.gif Tenter Lion Seal.jpg

Skills: Power Blow, Magic Meltdown, Mana Reflector, Final Blow, Cure, Thunderbolt
Summons Stoor Worm (165), Slug G (179), Kilimanjaro (209), Yeti (209)

Lv: 229

Type: Charm

HP: 16,135x5 / MP: 0

Exp: 96,810
Galder: 0-10,096

AP: 2295 / MA: 0

DP: 1703 / MD: 1007 / HV: 330

Protection: Gun, Non-elemental magic, Dark, Fire, Wind, Lightning
Weakness: Physical, Light, Earth, Water
Common Location(s): Swamp Field 7 - Tenterlion's Cave

Use: 500 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Master Kaldo, Master Titan Gun, Master Shotel, Master Stone Staff, Master Military Gun, Sharp Stiletto, Sensible Stiletto, Sharp Blade, Chance Battle Staff, Shrewd Bastard Sword
Helmet: Clever Shishak, Clever Silk Hat
Shield: Master Black Screen, Master Gold Screen, Spell Black Parma
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Tenter Lion Card, Red Tentacle

Level Restriction: Level 100+

Items Required for Entry: 1x Lotus Flower (not consumed)
Entry Method: Show the Lotus Flower to Little Chagan at Swamp Field 6 - Lake of Illusion to enter Tenterlion's Cave.

Spawn Time: 4x Tenter Lion spawns 40 minute(s) after the previous spawn.

Notes: Can sometimes attack twice at once.

If you want to leave, Pastor Tau will take your Lotus Flower and warp you to Swamp Field 6 - Lake of Illusion.

Count Blood

Count Blood.gif Count Blood Seal.jpg

Skills: Mana Reflector, Final Blow, Cure, Thunderbolt
Summons Bone Fighter (219), Bone Warrior (225), Bone Magician (231), Niwerth (289)

Lv: 261

Type: Charm

HP: 22,955x5 / MP: 0

Exp: 137,730
Galder: 1-?

AP: 2,615 / MA: 0

DP: 1,939 / MD: 1,077 / HV: 3900

Protection: All damage reduced by 75%
Weakness: None
Common Location(s): Vamp Dungeon 6 - Room of the Duke Blard

Use: {{{Use}}}
Weapon: Chance Silver Rod, Power Pierce Gun, Sharp Katar, Sensible Katar, Master Kukuri, Master Main Gauche, Master Rune Staff, Master Long Sword
Helmet: Clever Crown, Master Cowboy Hat, Master Crest, Master Visor Helm
Shield: {{{Shield}}}
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Count Blood Card, Pendant

Level Restriction: None

Items Required for Entry: 1x Stone of the Sun (not consumed)
Entry Method: Show Werewolf Lycan a Stone of the Sun in Vampire Castle Dungeon 4.

Spawn Time: 1x Count Blood spawns 30 minute(s) after the previous spawn.
Notes: Be sure to bring a Magic Type along, because among his summons are Niwerths, who only take 5% physical damage.

Mad Ray

Mad Ray.gif Mad Ray Seal.jpg

Skills: Stone Strike, Sixth Sense, Armor Destructor, Cure
Summons Model Skeleton (178), Ghost Muscle (179), Nightmare (182), Bio Junk (185)

Lv: 302

Type: Sense

HP: 10,638x5 / MP: 0

Exp: 63,828
Galder: 0-7,207

AP: 1515 / MA: 0

DP: 2235 / MD: 1335 / HV: 900

Protection: Gun, Light, Fire, Wind, Earth, Lightning
Weakness: Physical, non-elemental magic, Dark
Common Location(s): Mad Ray's Lab

Use: 500 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Master Blue Seal Gun, Master Falchion, Master Stiletto, Master Battle Staff, Boost Silver Rod, Power Brutal Gun, Sensible Creese, Stout Sallet, Shrewd Dragon Sword
Helmet: Master Witch Hat, Divine Crown
Shield: Master Kite Shield
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Mad Ray Card

Level Restriction: Level 200+

Items Required for Entry: 1 x Skull Necklace (consumed)
Entry Method: Give the Skull Necklace to Coward Craven in Phantom School - Science Lab to be transferred to Mad Ray's Lab

Spawn Time: 1x Mad Ray spawns 32 minute(s) after the previous spawn.
Notes: None


Soki.gif Soki Seal.jpg

Skills: Shockwave, Bull's Eye, Shockvibe, Armor Breaker, Cure
Summons Orconio (247), Orpeo (254), Aabon (261), and Fire Golem (357)

Lv: 555

Type: Power

HP: 22,845x5 / MP: 0

Exp: 137,070
Galder: 0-?

AP: 4505 / MA: 0

DP: 2228 / MD: 2470 / HV: 600

Protection: Physical, Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning
Weakness: Gun, non-elemental magic
Common Location(s): Techichi Field 5 - Soki's Hamlet

Use: 500 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Master Pierce Gun, Master Bastard Sword, Master Katar, Sharp Dragon Sword, Chance Gold Rod, Chance Dragon Rod
Helmet: Master Shishak, Master Silk Hat, Stout Armet, Divine Mitra
Shield: Master Black Parma
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Soki Card

Level Restriction: Level 150+

Items Required for Entry: 2x Stone Balls (consumed)
Entry Method: Give the 2x Stone Balls to Tango, who is slightly below the east side of Techichi Field 4

Spawn Time: 1x Soki spawns 30 minute(s) after the previous spawn.
Notes: None

Queen Odinea

Queen Odinea.gif Queen Odinea Seal.jpg

Skills: Arrow Rush, Mana Ring, Mana Storm, Rust, Cure, Thunderbolt
Summons Giant Coolem (323), Great Coolem (328), Ichthyosaur (590), and Predator(Minion) (666)

Lv: 777

Type: Magic

HP: 35,055x5 / MP: 0

Exp: 210,330
Galder: 1-36,233

AP: 3890 / MA: 299

DP: 3732 / MD: 4473 / HV: 570

Protection: Physical, Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
Weakness: Gun, non-elemental magic, Electric
Common Location(s): Ice Dungeon 5 - Room of Odinea

Use: 500 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Master Flamberge, Artisan Dragon Sword, Master Dragon Sword, Sharp Claymore, Artisan Claymore, Master Claymore, Master Gold Rod, Chance Lunar Rod, Master Lunar Rod, Boost Dragon Rod, Master Cruel Gun, Shrewd Devil Gun, Master Sword Breaker, Sharp Valkyrie Sword
Helmet: Clever Armet, Clever Mitra
Shield: {{{Shield}}}
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Queen Odinea Card, Ice Earring, Ice Heart

Level Restriction: None

Items Required for Entry: 1x Tool #3 (not consumed)
Entry Method: Shown to General Granada at Ice Blue Dungeon 3 - The Room of Crystal.

Spawn Time: 1x Queen Odinea spawns 40 minute(s) after the previous spawn.
Notes: Can use multiple skills at once. Begins using Arrow Rush at 60% health (green bar). Thunderbolt is a powerful magic attack with no warning; Odinea begins using this at 40% health (yellow bar).

Spicy Dragon

Spicy Dragon.gif Spicy Dragon Seal.jpg

Skills: (Master) Arrow Rush, Mana Storm, Mana Shield, Rust, Cure, Flame Pillar
Summons Reggae Orc (351), Fire Golem (357), Ichthyosaur (590), and Predator (666)

Lv: 999

Type: Magic

HP: 44,625 x5 / MP: 0

Exp: 267,750
Galder: 0-24,436

AP: 5300 / MA: 299

DP: 3732 / MD: 4729 / HV: 720

Protection: Physical, non-elemental magic, Fire, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Light
Weakness: Water
Common Location(s): Tapasco Field 5 - Spicy Dragon Lair

Use: 500 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Power Cruel Gun, Boost Lunar Rod, Sharp Sword Breaker, Shrewd God Sword, Master God Sword, Master Dragon Rod, Swift Valkyrie Sword, Sensible Valkyrie Sword, Master Valkyrie Sword, Power Devil Gun, Master Devil Gun
Helmet: Master Armet, Master Mitra
Shield: Master Aegis
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Spicy Dragon Card, Dragon's Egg, Dragon's Horn, Spicy Spice

Level Restriction: None

Items Required for Entry: 1 x Spicy Egg (consumed)
Entry Method: Give the Spicy Egg to Clerk Z. Smith in the northeast corner of Tapasco Field 4 - Stairway to Fire to be transported to Tapasco Field 5 - Spicy Dragon Lair.

Spawn Time: 1x Spicy Dragon spawns 120 minute(s) after the previous spawn.

Notes: Flame Pillar is an unofficial name, similar to Odinea's Thunderbolt with the exception that an orange effect appears before the attack is used.

Can summon without giving a warning message.

Pirate King Karan

Pirate King Karan.gif File:Pirate King Karan Seal.jpg

Skills: Skunk Punch / Faint, Berserk, Shuriken Throw, ?
Summons Channa (lv ?)

Lv: 250

Type: Sense

HP: ? / MP: ?

Exp: ?
Galder: 1-?

AP: ? / MA: 0

DP: ? / MD: ? / HV: ?

Protection: ?
Weakness: ?
Common Location(s): Pirate King Karan's Room

Use: {{{Use}}}
Weapon: ?
Helmet: ?
Shield: {{{Shield}}}
Unique: Pirate Hat, Pirate Gun, Pirate Eye Patch
Etc:  ?

Level Restriction: Level 1?-280?

Items Required for Entry: 5x Nora Dolls (consumed)
Entry Method: Give 5x Nora Dolls to Weepy Nora Nora Sewer.

Spawn Time: 1x Pirate King Karan spawns 10 minute(s) after the previous spawn.


Master Mong

Master Mong.gif Master Mong Seal.jpg

Skills: Mana Arrow, Mana Shield, Mana Storm
Summons Mushumushu (45), Simbatta (47), Quiem (50), Sppo (51)

Lv: 55

Type: Magic

HP: 1950-1981x4 / MP: 0

Exp: 8,000
Galder: 63-100

AP: 415 / MA: 0

DP: 190 / MD: 207 / HV: 60

Protection: None
Weakness: Physical
Common Location(s): Coral Field 7 - Master Mong Village

Use: 500 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Shrewd Sword, Shrewd Classic Gun, Sharp Stone Sword, Sharp Dagger, Master Sword, Master Rapier
Helmet: Clever Felt Hood, Stout Iron Cap, Master Felt Hood, Master Brim Cap
Shield: Master Prick Buckler
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Master Mong Card

Level Restriction: Level 1-80

Items Required for Entry: 1 x Little Cora Card (consumed)
Entry Method: Talk to the NPC located in the upper right corner on Coral Field 6 - Lawn Beach. He will transport you to Coral Field 7 - Master Mong Village.

Spawn Time: 3x Master Mong spawns 20 minute(s) after the previous spawn.
Notes: Since the Trickster Revolution Patch 2007-08-23, Master Mong and Coral Field 7 - Master Mong Village have been removed.


Predator.gif Predator Seal.jpg

Skills: None
Summons Coolem (317), Giant Coolem (323), Great Coolem (328), and Predator (Minion) (666)

Lv: 666

Type: Sense

HP: 123,970x4 / MP: 0

Exp: 148,764
Galder: 0-?

AP: 3335 / MA: 0

DP: 2483 / MD: 3469 / HV: 570

Protection: None
Weakness: Light
Common Location(s): Seabed Dungeon 5 - The Abyss

Use: {{{Use}}}
Weapon: Master Silver Rod, Boost Gold Rod, Swift Sword Breaker, Sharp God Sword, Master Creese, Master Holy Sword, Master Brutal Gun
Helmet: Master Sallet
Shield: Divine Aegis, Master Gold Screen, Master White Parma
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: First Fingernail, Second Fingernail, Third Fingernail, Fourth Fingernail, Predator Card, Golden Hair

Level Restriction:
via NPC Sophia: Level 1+

via NPC Rosemary (1st Job Cat): Level 100+

Items Required for Entry:
via. Sophia: 1x Aqua Blue Potion and 1x Shackles (consumed)
via. Rosemary (1st Job Cat): 1x Jenny's Picture A (consumed)
Entry Method: None

Spawn Time: 3x Predator spawns 60 minute(s) after the previous spawn.
Notes: Predator and all of Ghost Blue is temporarily removed from Trickster Online Revolution.

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