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The Fighter Buffalo is a Power icon.jpg Power Type character, that primarily utilizes Sword.gif Sword and Knife.gif Knife weapon types.


Job Tree

First Job Second Job Third Job
Fighter.gif Warrior.gif Gladiator.gif Mercenary.gif
Fighter Warrior Gladiator


A fierce and powerful competitor working on your side, and a respectable and powerful opponent when he’s not.

Job and Type

Fighter, Power Type

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

He is a professional fighter who would challenge and fight anybody. He unknowingly competes in an illegal fight and seriously injures his opponent in a win. But only finds out about it after he was cheated off his prize money by his manager. He comes to Caballa Island to make money to take care of his injured opponent and his family.

Advancing to Warrior

Level Required:

  • Regular Level 50. TM Level 40.

Items Required:



To view all skills see Power Skills
Steel Punch.jpg Steel Punch Shockwave.jpg Shockwave Bull's Eye.jpg Bull's Eye Burning Rave.jpg Burning Rave Shockvibe.jpg Shockvibe Sense Breaker.jpg Sense Breaker
Luck Breaker.jpg Luck Breaker Pumping Heart.jpg Pumping Heart Armor Breaker.jpg Armor Breaker Upper Smash.jpg Upper Smash Hyper Beat.jpg Hyper Beat Tornado Bomb.jpg Tornado Bomb


A strong, bully type character with big horns on top of his head. He wears a red scarf and a protective bandage on his arm.

Hair Colors

Basic Colors
Buffalo Hair Dye.gif
Buffalo Hair Dye
1,200 Points
Fighter Basic Hair.gif
Premium Colors
Nature Coloring.gif
Nature Coloring
2,700 Points
Fighter Professional Hair.gif

Image Gallery

Buffalo-fight.gif Buffalo-stand.gif

Member's Guides

The guides here may or may not by up to date with current patch, Do not count on them for recent skill info.

General Guides

Buffalo Guides


All Buffalo descriptions as well as Skill Names and Descriptions came from the offical Trickster Online. This page was brought to you by Team Wiki Mod from MyTrickster.net

Character Classes
First Job Classes
Power: Bunny | Buffalo
Second Job Classes
Third Job Classes
Buffalo: Mercenary | Gladiator
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