Caballa Relics Mine - Jade Steel

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World Map

Caballa Relics
Town - Azteca
Azteca Monster Guild
Path to Caballa Relics
Gate of Caballa Relics
Boss - Tombeth
Relics Field
Relics Field 1
Relics Field 2
Relics Field 3
Relics Field 4
Relics Dungeon
Relics Dungeon 1
Relics Dungeon 2
Relics Dungeon 3
Relics Dungeon 4
Trident Maze (5)
Jade Steel
Jade Steel
Jade Steel Mine 1
Jade Steel Mine 2



Ghost Blue Mines - Crystal Copper.png

Adjacent Maps

Relics Field 3 - Monkey Statues - 1st Closed Lot of Jade Steel - 1st Mining Lot of Jade Steel - 2nd Mining Lot of Jade Steel
Relics Field 3 - Monkey Statues.png - 1st Closed Lot of Crystal Copper.png - Jade Steel Mine 1.png - Jade Steel Mine 2.png

Drill Info.

This area can not be drilled.

Ore Refinement

After the completion of Blacksmith Marx - Find Ingredients for Jade Steel for the 5th time, you will gain access to refining Iron Ores, Lead Ores, Steel Ores, Kuznite Ores, Cat's Eye Ores and Jasper Ores. The following ores are what is avaliable to refine.

1x Medium-Quality Soft Iron requires 7x Soft Iron Gemstone

1x High-Quality Soft Iron requires 5x Medium-Quality Soft Iron

1x Soft Iron requires 3x High-Quality Soft Iron

1x Medium-Quality Lead requires 7x Lead Gemstone

1x High-Quality Lead requires 5x Medium-Quality Lead

1x Lead requires 3x High-Quality Lead

1x Medium-Quality Steel requires 7x Steel Gemstone

1x High-Quality Steel requires 5x Medium-Quality Steel

1x Steel requires 3x High-Quality Steel

1x Kunzite Piece requires 7x Kunzite Gemstone

1x Crystal of Kunzite requires 5x Kunzite Piece

1x Kunzite requires 3x Crystal of Kunzite

1x Cat's Eye Piece requires 7x Cat's Eye Gemstone

1x Crystal of Cat's Eye requires 5x Cat's Eye Piece

1x Cat's Eye requires 3x Crystal of Cat's Eye

1x Jasper Piece requires 7x Jasper Gemstone

1x Crystal of Jasper requires 5x Jasper Piece

1x Jasper requires 3x Crystal of Jasper

Note: If you receive a Soft Iron Gemstone from refining the Iron Ores, Lead Gemstone from refining Lead Ores, Steel Gemstone from refining Steel Ores, Kunzite Gemstone from refining Kunzite Ores, Cat's Eye Gemstone from refining Cat's Eye Ores or Jasper Gemstone from refining Japser Ores, it means the refining process has failed. The cost of refining is only 50G.

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