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World Map

Caballa Relics
Town - Azteca
Azteca Monster Guild
Path to Caballa Relics
Gate of Caballa Relics
Boss - Tombeth
Relics Field
Relics Field 1
Relics Field 2
Relics Field 3
Relics Field 4
Relics Dungeon
Relics Dungeon 1
Relics Dungeon 2
Relics Dungeon 3
Relics Dungeon 4
Trident Maze (5)
Jade Steel
Jade Steel
Jade Steel Mine 1
Jade Steel Mine 2



Caballa Relics Town - Azteca.png

Area Map

Relics Field Area Map

Adjacent Maps

Relics Field 4 - Altar of Round - Path to Black Swamp
Relics Field 4 - Altar of Round.png - Path to Black Swamp.jpg

Shop Items

Merchant Lorena

Merchant Lorena.gif Merchant Lorena:
Sells various items.
Use Cost Equip Cost Drill Cost Pet Cost Etc. Cost
Ammo.gif Ammo 5 Metal Shield.gif Metal Shield 26,250 Sand Drill.gif Sand Drill No. 3 10,000 Empty Potion Bottle.gif Empty Potion Bottle 8
Empty Card.gif Empty Card 10 Steel Helmet.gif Steel Helmet 26,250 Land Drill.gif Land Drill No. 3 10,000 Paper.gif Paper 8
Pink Potion B.gif Pink Potion B 60 Wood Gear.gif Wood Gear 26,250 Rock Drill.gif Rock Drill No. 3 10,000 Plastic Pack.gif Plastic Pack 12
Blue Potion B.gif Blue Potion B 80 Sword.gif Sword 37,500 Distilled Water.gif Distilled Water 20
Pink Potion C.gif Pink Potion C 150 Dagger.gif Dagger 37,500 Bone Needle.gif Bone Needle 90
Blue Potion C.gif Blue Potion C 200 Antique Gun.gif Antique Gun 37,500 Metal Marble.gif Metal Marble 150
Blue Wing Port.gif Blue Wing Port 3,000 Bronze Rod.gif Bronze Rod 37,500 Gong Marble.gif Gong Marble 180
Double-Shielded Marble.gif Double-Shielded Marble 210

Merchant Miguel

Merchant Miguel.gif Merchant Miguel:
Sells card related items.
Use Cost Equip Cost Drill Cost Pet Cost Etc. Cost
Feoh.gif Feoh 100,000
Ur1.gif Ur 100,000
Thorn.gif Thorn 100,000
Ansur.gif Ansur 100,000
Rad.gif Rad 100,000

Teleport Service


Pachi.gif Pachi:
Offers teleport services.

Compounding Services

Compounder Paul

Compounder Paul.gif Compounder Paul:
Offers compounding services.

See Compounder Paul page.

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