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Card Battle System More than 250 different kinds of cards are hidden inside Caballa Island and waiting to be dug up.

You can perform and learn magic using the cards that you acquired, or use TCC System (Trading Card Collection System) to show off your card collection to other gamers. Plus, the collected cards can be used during the Card Battle Mode.

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How to Card Battle

Q: How do we start a card battle room without challenging someone?

A: Type in /Card (your card game name here), and you'll start a room! Wait until someone joins.

Q: Does Card Battling give you exp?

A: Yes, card battling gives you XP dependant on how you did in the battle. If you get a perfect, you get more XP than if you had gotten 3 wins. Although we don't have specifics on the formula (it is based on level), at level 50~, you usually get 5k XP for a perfect.

Note: If you battle normal you get X Exp but if you battle with any combo you get around (2-4) * X EXP in the form of skill XP rather physical.

Video Card Battle Video

Card Synopsis

Every card has a number ranging from 1 through 15. This is the card's Rank. Cards that are at the extremes of this range -- as in, near 1 or near 15 -- are generally the most valuable. This is explained further below.

Cards appear in five Types:

  • Power (red)
  • Magic (blue)
  • Sense (purple)
  • Charm (orange)
  • Neutral (green)

And finally, cards have a value on them known as their MP.

Game Rules

This game comes in two rule sets, which are near inverses of each other. At first, the challenged player decides which rule set to use for the game; after this, it is selected by player who lost the last game.

Don Giovanni Rules

Giovanni is the young man, and his rules are:

  • If card types match, higher rank wins
  • If card types do not match, lower rank wins
  • If card types and rank both match, higher card MP wins

Cavalier Rules

Cavalier is the eldest man, and his rules are:

  • If card types match, lower rank wins
  • If card types do not match, higher rank wins
  • If card types and rank both match, higher card MP wins

Turn Sequence

  • Both players choose a card
  • Cards are compared on the chosen rule set
  • Character with the winning card earns one point
  • The selected card cannot be used again for the rest of the round
  • The following conditions are checked:
    • Four matches have been played and one player has more points than another.
  • If that condition rings true, that player wins. Both players gain experience -- see the Experience Clause.
    • If not, a fifth match is played. Winner of the fifth match wins the game.
    • If the fifth match ties, then a random card is selected from the player's deck. Winner of that round wins the game.

Starting Card Battle

  • Right click the character to challenge
  • Click the Card Battle option
  • After accepted, the rule type is chosen by the other character, and the two characters each have thirty (30) seconds to select five (5) cards

The cards one is allowed to select are limited:

  • Each player may have only one Neutral green card
  • Every other Type is limited to two cards
  • Every Rank is also limited to two cards

If five cards are not selected after the time limit, the remainder are chosen by random.

Experience Clause

Although players can be battled as many times as they wish, every twenty-four hours, experience may only be gained from the same person a limited number of times. The next day, this number is reset and a player may be battled again for experience. In addition, you may only gain experience from a certain number of battles a day.

Acquiring Cards

All monsters will drop Cards of their Type. Green cards, therefore, can only be achieved through quests. It is also possible to acquire cards by winning.


Besides experience, it is possible to get good cards (i.e. high-level or low-level cards) by winning a battle. It is also possible to get item rewards, such as Jewelry Cases, Elixir Extract, or equipment encased in Equipment Jewelry Cases, by playing card battles. Playing with Card Combos increases the chance of getting items (not cards?), but playing a combo means that if you lose the battle, you will lose one of the cards in your combo to your opponent. Playing a combo does not give you an advantage in the battle itself. The cards and items do not come from your opponent, unless your opponent uses Chance or a combo.


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