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Notes: The equips marked with this color are in the process of being removed from the game.

Lv. 1 - 10
Front Protection.gif Front Protection
Snake Belt.gif Snake Belt
Beggar's Belt.gif Beggar's Belt
Knee Pad.gif Knee Pad
Life Jacket.gif Life Jacket
Mini Stomach Band.gif Mini Stomach Band
Lv. 20
Basilisk Belt.gif Basilisk Belt
Cobra Belt.gif Cobra Belt
Impact Vest.gif Impact Vest
Premium Belt.gif Premium Belt
Safe Protection.gif Safe Protection
Wing Belt.gif Wing Belt
Lv. 30 - 60
Santa's Belt.gif Santa's Belt
Duo Doctor.gif Duo Doctor
Steel Health Band.gif Steel Health Band
Twin Snake Belt.gif Twin Snake Belt
Golden Mole Vest.gif Golden Mole Vest
Santa's Vest.gif Santa's Vest
Lv. 80 - 150
GM Chaos' Armor.gif GM Chaos' Armor
GM Hip Pouch.gif GM Hip Pouch
GM Ceramic Vest.gif GM Ceramic Vest
GM Mobius' Armor.gif GM Mobius' Armor
GM Gold Eagle Belt.gif GM Gold Eagle Belt
GM Silver Eagle Belt.gif GM Silver Eagle Belt
Color Key: MyShop Event Unavailable
GM Kevlar Vest.gif GM Kevlar Vest

Inner Wear is a type of armor that usually comes in the form of an offensive belt or a defense vest. You can only wear one, however.

Click here to view the Inner Wears in a list.
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