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Notes: The equips marked with this color are in the process of being removed from the game.

Pets are items that give a stat boost to your character. They will follow you around and perform different animations depending on your interactions. (Example: Attacking a monster, walking, standing idle.) However, pets can not actually attack a monster or pick up items, and you can only have one equipped.

To view the pets in a more comprehensive table, click here.

Lv. 1 - 25
Young Egg.gif Young Egg
Baby Penguin.gif Baby Penguin
Ice Cone.gif Ice Cone
Sonnori's Balloon.gif Sonnori's Balloon
Peng.gif Peng
Baby Rabbit.gif Baby Bunny
Baby Buffalo.gif Baby Buffalo
Baby Sheep.gif Baby Sheep
Baby Dragon.gif Baby Dragon
Baby Fox.gif Baby Fox
Baby Lion.gif Baby Lion
Baby Cat.gif Baby Cat
Baby Raccoon.gif Baby Raccoon
Congrachuu.gif Congrachuu
Lv. 30 - 40
Fairy Warez.gif Fairy Warez
Fairy Nanumi.gif Fairy Nanumi
Tumbling Doll.gif Tumbling Doll
Balloon.gif Balloon
Oinky.gif Oinky
Mighty Turkey.gif Mighty Turkey
Melon Biscuit.gif Melon Biscuit
Winston.gif Winston
Love Hunter Remy.gif Love Hunter Remy
Ice Girl.gif Ice Girl
Double Wing Sunny.gif Double Wing Sunny
Blue Penguin Pet.gif Blue Penguin
Mingo Pet.gif Mingo
Ice Boy.gif Ice Boy
Rose Fairy.gif Rose Fairy
Los Tres Amigos.gif Los Tres Amigos
Poppuri Pet.gif Poppuri Pet
World Balloon.gif World Balloon
Lv. 50 - 90
Chuck-E.gif Chuck-E
Ice Family.gif Ice Family
Little Nate.gif Little Nate
Poppuri MK II.gif Poppuri MK II
Sugarloaf.gif Sugarloaf
Megalo UFO.gif Megalo UFO
White Owl.gif White Owl
Strawberry Biscuit.gif Strawberry Biscuit
Little Witch Beff.gif Little Witch Beff
Fairy Red.gif Fairy Red
Fairy Blue.gif Fairy Blue
Apprentice Marx Jr..gif Apprentice Marx Jr.
Nate EX.gif Nate EX
ChocoAlmond Biscuit.gif ChocoAlmond Biscuit
Lv. 100 - 150
Fairy Angel Red.gif Fairy Angel Red
Fairy Angel Blue.gif Fairy Angel Blue
Baby Ichthyosaur.gif Baby Ichthyosaur
Apprentice Marx.gif Apprentice Marx
Double Wing Rumia.gif Double Wing Rumia
Baby Spicy Dragon.gif Baby Spicy Dragon
Color Key Event Unavailable

Lv. 1 - 30
Chubby Chick.gif Chubby Chick
Pure Puri.gif Pure Puri
Rascal Kid.gif Rascal Kid
Twinkle Star.gif Twinkle Star
Willow Puppy.gif Willow Puppy
Asuka.gif Asuka
Mr. Hauler.gif Mr. Hauler
Little Yuri.gif Gacha Retired.gif Little Yuri
Royal Rosetta.gif Gacha Retired.gif Royal Rosetta
Mr. Luxury.gif Mr. Luxury
Little Diablo.gif Little Diablo
Book Fairy Paper.gif Book Fairy Paper
Guild Intern Esther.gif Gacha Item.gif Guild Intern Esther
Hachiko.gif Hachiko
Loan Officer Lisa.gif Gacha Retired.gif Loan Officer Lisa
Little Paul.gif Gacha Retired.gif Little Paul
Maneki Neko.gif Maneki Neko
Mr. Pig.gif Mr. Pig
Pocket Hunter.gif Gacha Retired.gif Pocket Hunter
Shy Joey.gif Gacha Retired.gif Shy Joey
Lv. 35 - 60
Egg Ghost.gif Egg Ghost
Express Panda.gif Express Panda
Apprentice Knight.gif Apprentice Knight
Freesia Bud.gif Freesia Bud
Mischievous Chagan.gif Gacha Item.gif Mischievous Chagan
Gentleman Robin.gif Gentleman Robin 40
Speedy McFastball.gif Speedy McFastball
White Angel.gif White Angel
Bruce Lie.gif Bruce Lie
Christian.gif Christian
Haughty Rosemary.gif Gacha Retired.gif Haughty Rosemary
Little Ringoo.gif Little Ringoo
Saya.gif Saya
Sharka Shark.gif Sharka Shark
Shaman Girl Jia Pet.gif Shaman Girl Jia
Maid Minnie.gif Maid Minnie
Tricky Princess.gif Tricky Princess
Book Fairy Ink.gif Book Fairy Ink
Little Lycan.gif Gacha Retired.gif Little Lycan
Helen.gif Helen
Princess Odinea.gif Princess Odinea
Sarah.gif Gacha Retired.gif Sarah
Lv. 70 - 90
Aeolus.gif Aeolus
Boreas.gif Boreas
Eurus.gif Eurus
Notos.gif Notos
Little Tera.gif Gacha Retired.gif Little Tera
Maneki Neko SE.gif Maneki Neko SE
Mr. Pig.gif Mr. Pig SE
Wicked Befana.gif Gacha Item.gif Wicked Befana
Zephyrus.gif Zephyrus
Scooty.gif Scooty
Black Hanbok Angel 80.gif Black Hanbok Angel 80
White Kimono Angel 80.gif White Kimono Angel 80
Express Panda SE.gif Express Panda SE
Hachiko SE.gif Hachiko SE
Little Bunny Maid.gif Gacha Retired.gif Little Bunny Maid
Snow Princess.gif Snow Princess
Sunny Esther.gif Gacha Retired.gif Sunny Esther
Sunny Yupika.gif Gacha Retired.gif Sunny Yupika
Bastet Pet.gif Gacha Retired.gif Bastet
Fairy Fiorina.gif Fairy Fiorina
Master Louis Jr.gif Gacha Item.gif Master Louis Jr
Princess Curea.gif Princess Curea
Rocker Ignis.gif Rocker Ignis
Soulful Xeno.gif Soulful Xeno
Speedy McFastball SE.gif Speedy McFastball SE
Wendy Wight.gif Wendy Wight
Lv. 100 - 200
Hunter Master Pet.gif Gacha Retired.gif Hunter Master Pet
Gentleman Robin.gif Gentleman Robin 100
Maid Minnie EX.gif Maid Minnie EX
Yao Mong SE.gif Yao Mong SE
Gold Father.gif Gold Father
Scholar Andrew.gif Scholar Andrew
Scholar Sharon.gif Scholar Sharon
Scholar Mary.gif Scholar Mary
Scholar Tsun.gif Scholar Tsun
Tricky Princess SE.gif Tricky Princess SE
Magical Girl Sephira.gif Gacha Item.gif Magical Girl Sephira
Black Hanbok Angel 120.gif Black Hanbok Angel 120
White Kimono Angel 120.gif White Kimono Angel 120
Arin.gif Arin
Kooh.gif Kooh
Bruce Lie SE.gif Bruce Lie SE
Scooty.gif Scooty 120
Mercury.gif Mercury
Venus.gif Venus
Mars.gif Mars
Saturn.gif Saturn
Pluto.gif Pluto
Santa Curea.gif Gacha Retired.gif Santa Curea
Santa Knight.gif Gacha Retired.gif Santa Knight
Nyxx.gif Nyxx
Noxx.gif Noxx
Gentleman Robin.gif Gentleman Robin 170
Black Hanbok Angel 180.gif Black Hanbok Angel 180
White Kimono Angel 180.gif White Kimono Angel 180
Queen Odinea Pet.gif Queen Odinea
Color Key Available Not available
Gacha Key Gacha Item.gif Available Gacha Retired.gif Retired

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