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Caballa Island

Caballa Island

A desert island in the middle of Pacific which surfaced a few years ago because of crustal movement below the sea. Don Cavalier, has chosen this place and created a stage for their virtual reality game, Trickster. People with different reasons and purposes are continuously arriving at the island and by means of billionaires will, the game has begun.

There are many areas and villages in the island. Such as Megalopolis, Coral Beach, Desert Beach, Ghost Blue, Caballa Relics, Swamp Area, Oops Wharf, Phantom School, Techichi Volcano, Tabasco Volcano, Snow Hill, Rose Garden etc.

Caballa Island is the fictional island that Trickster online is held on. After Don Cavalier's death, his will stated that Megalo Company create the Trickster tournament to be held on the desolate, desert island of Caballa, the winner inheriting his fortune.

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