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The Shaman Icon.gif Dragon is a Magic icon.jpg Magic Type character, that primarily utilizes Wood Staff.gif Cane weapon types.


Job Tree

First Job Second Job Third Job
Shaman.gif Magician.gif Dark Lord.gif Priest.gif Wizard.gif
Shaman Magician Dark Lord
Pure Dark
Pure Light


Although physically weaker than many other Tricksters, he can command and control powers seemingly beyond imagination which makes him equally formidable on his own as well as in a party.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

A descendant of both Roma and Asian, he was adopted by his rich parents when he was young. He studied medicine because of his parents wishes, but soon becomes fascinated with astrology and alchemy. One day, he receives a sign that predicts his return to his gypsy roots and it comes true. After a while, he becomes their leader but is faced with lack of food and other resources. While searching for answers, he gets another sign that shows Caballa Island and he heads off to find wealth for his people.

Advancing to Magician

Dragon Job Master - Magician Louie

Level Required:

  • Regular Level 50. TM Level 40.

Items Required:



Magical Soul.jpg Magical Soul Mana Arrow.jpg Mana Arrow Cure.jpg Cure Invincible Casting.jpg Invincible Casting Aura of Mana.jpg Aura of Mana
Bottle of Mana.jpg Bottle of Mana Rust.jpg Rust Mana Web.jpg Mana Web Mana Ring.jpg Mana Ring Mana Shield.jpg Mana Shield
Mana Storm.jpg Mana Storm Mist of Mana.jpg Mist of Mana Arrow Rush.jpg Arrow Rush Mana Ring Booster.jpg Mana Ring Booster
Video New Skill Dragon (Dark) Video


Cold-hearted male character with wing, tail, and a rake-shaped fin. He always uses his magic staff whenever he does his magic.

Hair Colors

Basic Colors
Dragon Hair Dye.gif
Dragon Hair Dye
1,200 Points
Shaman Basic Hair.gif
Premium Colors
Bleach Coloring.gif
Bleach Coloring
2,700 Points
Shaman Professional Hair.gif

Image Gallery

Dragon Animation.gif Dragon-walk.gif Dragon-clean.gif

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Dragon Guides


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Second Job Classes
Third Job Classes
Dragon: Wizard | Dark Lord | Priest

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