Event Garden - Ceremonia

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World Map

Rose Garden
Event Garden
Boss - Count Blood
Rose Field
Garden of Rosetta
Rose Field 1
Rose Field 2
Rose Field 3
Rose Field 4
Vampire Castle
Gate of Vamp Castle
Room of Rosetta
Vamp. Dungeon 1
Vamp. Dungeon 2
Vamp. Dungeon 3
Vamp. Dungeon 4
Vamp. Dungeon 5
Vamp. Dungeon 6



Event Garden - Ceremonia.png

Adjacent Maps

Megalopolis Square - Rose Field 1 - Stairway to Sorrow
Megalopolis Square.png - Rose Field 1 - Stairway to Sorrow.jpg

Shop Items

Item Girl

Item Girl.gif Item Girl:
Sells various items.
Use Cost Equip Cost Drill Cost Pet Cost Etc. Cost
Ammo.gif Ammo 5 Sand Drill.gif Sand Drill No. 2 4,000 Empty Potion Bottle.gif Empty Potion Bottle 8
Empty Card.gif Empty Card 10 Land Drill.gif Land Drill No. 2 4,000 Paper.gif Paper 8
Pink Potion B.gif Pink Potion B 60 Rock Drill.gif Rock Drill No. 2 4,000 Plastic Pack.gif Plastic Pack 12
Blue Potion B.gif Blue Potion B 80 Distilled Water.gif Distilled Water 20
Pink Potion C.gif Pink Potion C 150 Big Needle.gif Big Needle 30
Blue Potion C.gif Blue Potion C 200 Fire Needle.gif Fire Needle 60
Bone Needle.gif Bone Needle 90
Flash Water.gif Flash Water 100
Metal Marble.gif Metal Marble 150

Card Girl

Card Girl.gif Card Girl:
Sells card related items.
Use Cost Equip Cost Drill Cost Pet Cost Etc. Cost
Feoh.gif Feoh 100,000
Ur1.gif Ur 100,000
Thorn.gif Thorn 100,000
Ansur.gif Ansur 100,000
Rad.gif Rad 100,000

Headline text

Drilable Items

Drill Info.

  • Depth: Minimum - 10m, Maximum - 20m
  • Main Soil: Artificial, grass soil.

Use Items


Etc Items

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