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Alchemist Nate

This page is being replaced by Compound. Feel free to post your updates on those pages. Please be understanding as the editors work to reorder/organize/finish/polish the new compounding section

Growth refers to adding additional stats to equips.

Maturing Compounds can be added to weapons with a compound number. You can add maturing compounds by visiting Nate the compounder in Paradise, Aquarius and Carbigal. Nate does charge a fee, so make sure you check the price at the bottom left corner. Below is a chart that shows items and their corresponding stat that they add.

There are also a few MyShop items that can raise the minimum/maximum value of the compound item: Item Enhancing, or even remove a compound item from a slot, to be re-compounded: Nate's Bottle.

Values followed by a * have unconfirmed values

Basic Stats Abnormal Status Tolerance Elemental Attribute
Fourth Fingernail.gif Attack Power (AP) Empty Pine Bong Bong Can.gif Critical Probability Wind Pendant.gif Air Attribute
Eye Drop.gif Accuracy (AC) Yeongbi-chon.gif Shockvibe Protection Old Talisman.gif Dark Attribute
Light Sneakers.gif Delay (DX) Hook.gif Defence 2 Satan Plug.gif Electric Attribute
Aposis' Stick.gif Magic Attack (MA) Duck Mole's Feather.gif Defence 3 Flame.gif Fire Attribute
Tear Drop.gif Magic Points (MP) Premium Limestone.gif Defence Deterioration Holy Water Marble.gif Light Attribute
Red Feather.gif Magic Defense (MD) Hoof.gif Defence Failure Very Sloppy Mud.gif Soil Attribute
Batglasses.gif Detect Ability (DA) Del Nori Sticker.gif Dodging Deterioration Dry Ice.gif Water Attribute
Plastic Bag.gif Carrying Capacity (WT) Hulled Millet.gif Faint/Skunk Pouch Elemental Tolerance
Four-Leafed Clover.gif Luck (LK) Flower Necklace.gif Luck Deterioration Torn Sail.gif Air Tolerance
Rusty Helmet.gif Defense (DP) Transparent Cloth.gif Magic Defense Deterioration Black Feather.gif Dark Tolerance
Waterlily Seed.gif Health Points (HP) Merrow's Gills.gif Magic Power Deterioration Silver-Colored Mantle.gif Electric Tolerance
Letter Earrings.gif Hit Evasion (HV) Hair.gif Electroshock/Tying Up Protection Red Eye Shadow.gif Fire Tolerance
Nora Spring.gif Normal Block Portable Sunshade.gif Light Tolerance
Slime Husk.gif Sense Deterioration Ancient Dice.gif Soil Tolerance
Empty Coke Bottle.gif Water Tolerance

Basic Stat Compounding

Abnormal Status Tolerance

Elemental Attribute Compounds

Elemental Tolerance Compounds

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