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Basic Stats Power Magic
AP Stone.gif AP Stone AC Stone.gif AC Stone DX Stone.gif DX Stone MA Stone.gif MA Stone MP Stone.gif MP Stone MD Stone.gif MD Stone
Sense Charm
DA Stone.gif DA Stone WT Stone.gif WT Stone LK Stone.gif LK Stone DP Stone.gif DP Stone HP Stone.gif HP Stone HV Stone.gif HV Stone

Elemental Attribute Air Crystal.gif Air Crystal Water Crystal.gif Water Crystal Fire Crystal.gif Fire Crystal Soil Crystal.gif Soil Crystal
Elec. Crystal.gif Elec. Crystal Light Crystal.gif Light Crystal Dark Crystal.gif Dark Crystal

Elemental Resistance Air Resist Crystal.gif Air Resist Crystal Water Resist Crystal.gif Water Resist Crystal Fire Resist Crystal.gif Fire Resist Crystal Soil Resist Crystal.gif Soil Resist Crystal
Elec. Resist Crystal.gif Elec. Resist Crystal Light Resist Crystal.gif Light Resist Crystal Dark Resist Crystal.gif Dark Resist Crystal

Abnormal Status Critical Metal.gif Critical Metal Block Metal.gif Block Metal

HV Stone.gif HV Stone
HV Stone HV Stone 20 HV Stone 35 HV Stone 50 HV Stone 65
HV Stone 80 HV Stone 95 HV Stone 125 HV Stone 140 HV Stone 170

HV Stone.png

HV Stone.gif
Required: TM Level 0

  Obtained from Monster: Coral Beach Monster Drops.

Weight: 1
Value: 7
Compound Ability: HV
Description: Mysterious stone which increase HV when mature compounding.
Use: HV Compound item for equipment lvl 0 and higher.

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