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The Engineer Icon.gif Lion is a Sense icon.jpg Sense Type character, that primarily utilizes Ebony Gun.gif Gun weapon types.


Job Tree

First Job Second Job Third Job
Engineer.gif Inventor.gif Scientist.gif Cyber Hunter.gif
Engineer Inventor Scientist
Cyber Hunter


The engineering resources stored within his grey-matter and unlocked with his diligent hands are unlike any other. By using his skills to access weapons and equipment, he has set himself apart into a league of his own.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

He studied engineering in hopes of one day building a robot by himself. “World Robot Building Contest”, the world cup of robot building contest which is held every 4 years, is being hosted this year. But he needs money to get all the materials necessary to compete. He comes to Caballa Island to raise fund for this competition.

Advancing to Inventor

Level Required:

  • Regular Level 50. TM Level 40.

Items Required:




Stone Shower.jpg Stone Shower Invincible Drilling.jpg Invincible Drilling Sixth Sense.jpg Sixth Sense Gun Carrier.jpg Gun Carrier Heavy Carrier.jpg Heavy Carrier
Shuriken Master.jpg Shuriken Master Sticky Foot.jpg Sticky Foot Invincible Reload.jpg Invincible Reload Gun Booster.jpg Gun Booster Basic Detection.jpg Basic Detection
Armor Destructor.jpg Armor Destructor Quick Reload.jpg Quick Reload Lucky Seven.jpg Lucky Seven Compound Mastery.jpg Compound Mastery


He is brave, smart, and quick on his feet. He always wears cargo shorts and carries loads of fun and useful gadgets with him.

Hair Colors

Basic Colors
Lion Hair Dye.gif
Lion Hair Dye
1,200 Points
Engineer Basic Hair.gif
Premium Colors
Spot Coloring.gif
Spot Coloring
2,700 Points
Engineer Professional Hair.gif

Image Gallery

Lion-walk.gif Lion-yes.gif

Member's Guides

The guides here may or may not by up to date with current patch, Do not count on them for recent skill info.

General Guide

Lion Guides


All Lion descriptions as well as Skill Names and Descriptions came from the official Trickster Online. This page was brought to you by Team Wiki Mod from

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