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Mad Ray

Mad Ray.gif Mad Ray Seal.jpg

Skills: Stone Strike, Sixth Sense, Armor Destructor, Cure
Summons Model Skeleton (178), Ghost Muscle (179), Nightmare (182), Bio Junk (185)

Lv: 302

Type: Sense

HP: 10,638x5 / MP: 0

Exp: 63,828
Galder: 0-7,207

AP: 1515 / MA: 0

DP: 2235 / MD: 1335 / HV: 900

Protection: Gun, Light, Fire, Wind, Earth, Lightning
Weakness: Physical, non-elemental magic, Dark
Common Location(s): Mad Ray's Lab

Use: 500 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Master Blue Seal Gun, Master Falchion, Master Stiletto, Master Battle Staff, Boost Silver Rod, Power Brutal Gun, Sensible Creese, Stout Sallet, Shrewd Dragon Sword
Helmet: Master Witch Hat, Divine Crown
Shield: Master Kite Shield
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Mad Ray Card

Level Restriction: Level 200+

Items Required for Entry: 1 x Skull Necklace (consumed)
Entry Method: Give the Skull Necklace to Coward Craven in Phantom School - Science Lab to be transferred to Mad Ray's Lab

Spawn Time: 1x Mad Ray spawns 32 minute(s) after the previous spawn.
Notes: None
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