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Wizard Dark Lord Priest



Job Tree

First Job Second Job Third Job
Shaman.gif Magician.gif Dark Lord.gif Priest.gif Wizard.gif
Shaman Magician Dark Lord
Pure Dark
Pure Light


Magician has an ability to harness the power of Light and Dark to either use recovery magic or attack magic, respectively. Dark magic generally consists of status changes and Light magics are generally healing magics.

The power of the Magician should never be undermined, however. Abandoning his now obsolete staff used as a Shaman, he is now armed with awe-inspiring Light and Dark elemental abilities. The Magician is clearly a force to be dealt with.


Hinder Snare.jpg Hinder Snare Light Pact.jpg Light Pact Arrow of Light.jpg Arrow of Light Catastrophe Heal.jpg Catastrophe Heal Light Shield.jpg Light Shield
Basic Healing.jpg Basic Healing Light Wave.jpg Light Wave Radiant Strike.jpg Radiant Strike Heart's Grace.jpg Heart's Grace Shield of Heaven.jpg Shield of Heaven
Dark Pact.jpg Dark Pact Hellfire.jpg Hellfire Wicked Flame.jpg Wicked Flame Dark Distractor.jpg Dark Distractor Dark Lance.jpg Dark Lance
Dark Barrier.jpg Dark Barrier Gravity Crush.jpg Gravity Crush Withering Disease.jpg Withering Disease


The Magician is reputable for his choice of clothing, thus earning him the name 'Girly-Boy'. Donning a feminine style of clothing consisting of a flashy pink shawl, robes, and skirt, the Dragon appears faintly outright.

Hair Colors

Basic Colors
Magical Coloring.gif
Magical Coloring
1,400 Points
Magician Basic Hair.gif
Premium Colors
Magical Coloring 2.gif
Magical Coloring 2
2,700 Points
Magician Professional Hair.gif

Advancing to Dark Lord/Priest/Wizard

Info provided at the third job advancements section.

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