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Master Mong

Master Mong.gif Master Mong Seal.jpg

Skills: Mana Arrow, Mana Shield, Mana Storm
Summons Mushumushu (45), Simbatta (47), Quiem (50), Sppo (51)

Lv: 55

Type: Magic

HP: 1950-1981x4 / MP: 0

Exp: 8,000
Galder: 63-100

AP: 415 / MA: 0

DP: 190 / MD: 207 / HV: 60

Protection: None
Weakness: Physical
Common Location(s): Coral Field 7 - Master Mong Village

Use: 500 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Shrewd Sword, Shrewd Classic Gun, Sharp Stone Sword, Sharp Dagger, Master Sword, Master Rapier
Helmet: Clever Felt Hood, Stout Iron Cap, Master Felt Hood, Master Brim Cap
Shield: Master Prick Buckler
Unique: {{{Unique}}}
Etc: Master Mong Card

Level Restriction: Level 1-80

Items Required for Entry: 1 x Little Cora Card (consumed)
Entry Method: Talk to the NPC located in the upper right corner on Coral Field 6 - Lawn Beach. He will transport you to Coral Field 7 - Master Mong Village.

Spawn Time: 3x Master Mong spawns 20 minute(s) after the previous spawn.
Notes: Since the Trickster Revolution Patch 2007-08-23, Master Mong and Coral Field 7 - Master Mong Village have been removed.
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