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Pharaoh Set
Full Set Bonus: MP +245, WT +350, HP +245, DP +70, HV +4
Pharaoh Hat.gif Hat Golden Sword.gif Sword Golden Lion Shield.gif Shield Ankh Pendant.gif Acs

The Pharaoh Set is completed by hunting Tutankhamen for the Pharaoh Hat, Golden Sword, and Golden Lion Shield and completing the subsequent questline for the Ankh Pendant.

The quest is capped at level 90; characters higher than 90 cannot acquire the Pendant.
All pieces, save the Pendant, can be refined. All pieces can be compounded. See individual pages for details.
The Hat, Sword, and Shield are all tradeable; the Pendant is not.
The Pendant can be stored and transferred via the Bank.
The equipment in this set cannot be fused.

Total Stats (without bonus): AP +196, AC +5, MP +196, MA +11, MD +152, DA +11 LK +8, HP +196 DP +182, HV +11
Total Stats (with bonus): AP +196, AC +5, MP +341, MA +11, MD +152, WT +350, DA +11 LK +8, HP +341 DP +252, HV +15

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