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Student Teacher.jpg

The Teacher Icon.gif Raccoon is a Charm icon.jpg Charm type character, that primarily utilizes Sword.gifSword and Knife.gif Knife weapon types.

Basic defensive and evasive skills are learned during 1st jobs.


Job Tree

First Job Second Job Third Job
Teacher.gif Card Master.gif Duke.gif Gambler.gif
Teacher Card Master Gambler


Responsible, earnest, loyal, and unwavering when he sets his mind to a task, he is the perfect addition to a well rounded group, as well as being quite powerful when having to go it alone.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

He comes to an all-girl’s school as a student teacher. He comes from a teacher’s family. His outstanding social skills and manners make him the most popular teacher in the school. When the news regarding the Caballa Island surfaces, 7 students from his school runs away at the same time. They are members of the seven-Princess Club, the most notorious gang in the school. Knowing that they are off to find the hidden treasure, he heads off to Caballa Island to bring the girls back home safely.

Advancing to Card Master

Level Required:

  • Regular Level 50. TM Level 40.

Items Required:



Warm Up.jpg Warm Up Power Blow.jpg Power Blow Dodge Master.jpg Dodge Master Galder Throw.jpg Galder Throw Magic Meltdown.jpg Magic Meltdown Magic Defense Breaker.jpg Magic Defense Breaker
Mana Reflector.jpg Mana Reflector Shield All.jpg Shield All Sturdy Shield.jpg Sturdy Shield Titanium Wrist.jpg Titanium Wrist Skunk Pouch.jpg Skunk Pouch Physical Training.jpg Physical Training
Final Blow.jpg Final Blow


A very stylish and fashionable male character. He loves to stand out from the crowd and shows his personality through his round sunglasses.

Hair Colors

Basic Colors
Raccoon Hair Dye.gif
Raccoon Hair Dye
1,200 Points
Student Teacher Basic Hair.gif
Premium Colors
Manicure Coloring.gif
Manicure Coloring
2,700 Points
Student Teacher Professional Hair.gif

Image Gallery

Raccoon-angry.gif Raccoon-flowers.gif

Member's Guides

The guides here may or may not by up to date with current patch, Do not count on them for recent skill info.

General Guides

Raccoon Guides

Character Classes
First Job Classes
Charm: Cat | Raccoon
Second Job Classes
Third Job Classes
Raccoon: Gambler | Duke
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