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Blacksmith Marx



Introduction to Refining is a guide that covers the basics of refining.

About Refining/Mining

On top of just making the equipments better, there are a lot of restrictions and rules to refining. First of all, look below at the Mining Locations to find the ores you are supposed to use. The ores differ according to the level requirements of the equipments. When you dig however, you will find that there are a total of 12 different ores/gems you can find. Each ore/gem will have 4 different types, and each of them will refer to the level of the refinement: "Every level of ore refines certain levels. Gemstones refine level 1-4. Med-Qual/Pieces refine level 5-7. Hi-Qual/Crystal refine level 8-9. Pure refines level 10." So on top of it getting harder and harder to refine, you also have to deal with the number/type of ores/gems you need. To find out what happens to your items when you refine, or you are too lazy to check out the magnification table, check out the "Refinement Results" when they are completed.

Mining Quests

Refine Chart

Type ItemLv Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv5 Lv6 Lv7 Lv8 Lv9 Lv10 Lv11
Weapon 1~70 7Gem 8Gem 10Gem 12Gem 7Medium 10Medium 13Medium 3High 5High Pure Old Steel
71~130 2Pure 2Mithril
131~170 3Pure 3Ori-Harkon
171~190 Old Steel 2Old Steel 2Mithril 3Mithril 2Ori-Harkon 3Ori-Harkon 3Adamantite
191+ Mithril 2Mithril 2Ori-Harkon 3Ori-Harkon Adamantite 2Adamantite 3Adamantite
Armor 1~70 6Gem 7Gem 9Gem 10Gem 6Medium 9Medium 11Medium 2High 4High Pure Old Steel
71~130 2Pure Mithril
131~170 2Ori-Harkon
171~190 Old Steel Mithril ? ? ? ? ?
191+ Mithril Ori-Harkon 2Ori-Harkon Adamantite ? ?
  • Replace High Lvl Ore with Corresponding Magic Ore
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Refinement Success Rate

Refinement Success.jpg

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Notes on the table:

- "It is low level type" means the equipment is below level 21.
- "Basic Type" includes odd, sharp, sensible, boost, power, stout, divine, elemental.
- "Craft Type" includes shrewd, chance, craft, clever, spell, (sutatei).
- "Craftsman/teacher Type" includes custom, master.
- "Rating Type" means MyShop or Gacha items.
- The success rates with blue color are available only in refining events.

Mine Locations

Desert Beach: Crystal Copper Mine

Crystal Copper Mines
Located in: Beach Field 4 - Parasol River
Directions: From Beach Town - Paradise exit the bottom left portal into Beach Field 4 - Parasol River. The mine is located at the middle right. Depth: 10m~20m.

1st Mining Lot of Crystal Copper
Item Refinement Range Type of Equipment
Bronze Gemstone.gif Bronze Gemstone 1-30 Physical
Tin Gemstone.gif Tin Gemstone 31-50 Physical
Sulfur Gemstone.gif Sulfurous Gemstone 51-70 Physical
2nd Mining Lot of Crystal Copper

Caballa Relics: Jade Steel Mine

Item Refinement Range Type of Equipment
Quartz Gemstone.gif Quartz Gemstone 1-30 Magic
Amethyst Gemstone.gif Amethyst Gemstone 31-50 Magic
Agate Gemstone.gif Agate Gemstone 51-70 Magic
Jade Steel Mine - Located in Relics Field 3 - Monkey Statues
Directions: From Gate of Caballa Relics exit the from the bottom right portal into Relics Field 1. Then exit through the top right portal into Relics Field 3. The mine is located at the right hand side of this map.Depth: 50m~130m.

Monsters: Mimic, Aposis

1st Mining Lot of Jade Steel
Item Refinement Range Type of Equipment
Lead gemstone.gif Lead Gemstone 71-90 Physical
Iron Gemstone.gif Soft Iron Gemstone 91-110 Physical
Steel Gemstone.gif Steel Gemstone 111-130 Physical
Old Steel.gif Old Steel 171+ Physical
2nd Mining Lot of Jade Steel

Black Swamp: Silver Jewelry Mine

Item Refinement Range Type of Equipment
Jasper Gemstone.gif Jasper Gemstone 71-90 Magic
Cat's Eye Gemstone.gif Cat's Eye Gemstone 91-110 Magic
Kunzite gemstone.gif Kunzite Gemstone 111-130 Magic
Moonstone.gif Moonstone 171+ Magic
Silver Jewelry Mines
Silver Jewelry Mine - Located in Swamp Field 6 - Lake of Illusion
Directions:From the Gate of Black Swamp take the teleport NPC at the bottom right. Then, head north one map, and west one map. The mines are located at the top right corner of the map. Depth: 120m~160m.

Monsters: Arachne, Mud Bigfoot

1st Mining Lot of Silver Jewel
Item Refinement Range Type of Equipment
Platinum.gif White Silver Gem 131-150 Physical
Platinum.gif Mid Quality White Silver 131-150 Physical
Platinum.gif High-Quality White Silver 131-150 Physical
Platinum.gif White Silver 131-150 Physical
Mithril.gif Mithril 171+ Physical
1st Mining Lot of Silver Jewel

Snow Hill: Precious Jewelry Mine

Item Refinement Range Type of Equipment
Turquoise.gif Turquoise Gemstone 131-150 Magic
Turquoise.gif Turquoise Piece 131-150 Magic
Turquoise.gif Crystal of Turquoise 131-150 Magic
Turquoise.gif Turquoise 131-150 Magic
Garnet.gif Garnet 171+ Magic
Precious Jewelry Mine
Precious Jewelry Mine - Located in Snow Hill Field 2 - Snowflake Park
Directions:Dig for two red noses in Snow Hill Field 1, then go to the top right corner of the map and give them to the Bunny Maid. She will teleport you, move to the top right corner of this map to reach the mine. Depth: 200m~200m.

Monsters: Polar Bear, Ice Cream

1st Mining Lot of Precious Jewel
Item Refinement Range Type of Equipment
Tantalum.gif Tantalic Gemstone 151-170 Physical
Tantalum.gif Med-Quality Tantalum 151-170 Physical
Tantalum.gif High-Quality Tantalum 151-170 Physical
Tantalum.gif Tantalum 151-170 Physical
Harukon ore.gif Ori-Harkon 171+ Physical
Adamantite.gif Adamantite 171+ Physical
2nd Mining Lot of Precious Jewel

Refinement Results

Note to people adding/updating: When you are listing the item names in the chart, please make them direct links (not page offset links): Odd Gladius instead of plain old Odd Gladius (no link).



Swords Success Results


Canes Success Results


Knives Success Results


Guns Success Results


Physical Hats

Physical Hats Success Results

Magical Hats

Magical Hats Success Results

Physical Shields

Physical Shields Success Results

Magical Shields

Magical Shields Success Results

(refinement results chart coming soon)

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Item Refinement Range Type of Equipment
Opal.gif Opal Gemstone 151-170 Magic
Opal.gif Opal Piece 151-170 Magic
Opal.gif Crystal of Opal 151-170 Magic
Opal.gif Opal 151-170 Magic
Zircon.gif Zircon 171+ Magic
Alexandrite.gif Alexandrite 171+ Magic
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