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The Librarian Icon.gif Sheep is a Magic icon.jpg Magic Type character, that primarily utilizes Wood Staff.gif Cane weapon types.


Job Tree

First Job Second Job Third Job
Librarian.gif Bard.gif Soul Master.gif Witch.gif
Librarian Bard Soul Master


Soft and soft-spoken, this gentle soul is not to be underestimated. As a librarian she has gained a deep knowledge of the world around her as well as the mechanisms that control it.

Reason for coming to Caballa Island

As a librarian, she has deep knowledge on just about everything in the world. One day, she finds a book that isn't part of library collection. She realizes that the book is about ancient wizardry and learns the tricks of witchcraft. Shortly after, she learns of the news regarding Trickster and Caballa Island and sees it as an opportunity to raise money to build her own library, her life-long dream.

Advancing to Bard

Level Required:

  • Regular Level 50. TM Level 40.

Items Required:



To view all skills see Magic Skills
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Bottle of Mana.jpg Bottle of Mana Rust.jpg Rust Mana Web.jpg Mana Web Mana Ring.jpg Mana Ring Mana Shield.jpg Mana Shield
Mana Storm.jpg Mana Storm Mist of Mana.jpg Mist of Mana Arrow Rush.jpg Arrow Rush Mana Ring Booster.jpg Mana Ring Booster
Video New Skill Sheep (Fire) Video
Video New Skill Sheep (Wind) Video
Video New Skill Sheep Video


A female character with a quiet personality and a sheep-like deep wave hair and fillets with bells.

Hair Colors

Basic Colors
Sheep Hair Dye.gif
Sheep Hair Dye
1,200 Points
Librarian Basic Hair.gif
Premium Colors
Pearl Dye Coloring.gif
Pearl Dye Coloring
2,700 Points
Librarian Professional Hair.gif

Image Gallery

Sheep-walk.gif Sheep-spell.gif Sheep-happy.gif

Member's Guides

The guides here may or may not by up to date with current patch, Do not count on them for recent skill info.

General Guides

Sheep Guides

Character Classes
First Job Classes
Magic: Sheep | Dragon
Second Job Classes
Third Job Classes
Sheep: Soul Master | Witch
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