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Shining Crystal Helmet.gif Shining Crystal Set
Full Set Bonus: AP +400, AC +25, DX -1, MP +1400, MD +400, WT +2000, DA +25, LK +25, HP +1400, DP +400, HV +25
Shining Crystal Helmet.gif Helm Shining Crystal Sword.gif Sword Shining Crystal Shield.gif Shield

The Shining Crystal Set is completed by obtaining all three pieces as an extremely rare drop from any monster. No quests are involved.


  • Pieces cannot be refined or compounded.
  • All three pieces are tradeable.
  • Pieces cannot be stored or transferred via the Bank.
  • A server-wide message is displayed when a piece is picked up OR has been lost.

Any Shining Crystal Set pieces held by the character are lost if:

  1. The character dies. PvP/GvG counts! (not 100% chance of losing)
  2. They are unequipped. Job advancements do not count, but disguise NPCs will display a warning message before changing.
  3. 7 days (168 hours) pass without the character acquiring a Boss Seal. One Seal must be acquired for each piece owned.

Total Stats (without bonus): AP +960, AC +37, MP +2800, MA +60, MD +1080, DA +60, LK +37,HP +2800, DP +1280, HV +60

Total Stats (with bonus): AP +1360, AC +62, DX -1, MP +4200, MA + 85 MD +1480, WT +2000, DA +85, LK +62, HP +4200, DP +1680, HV +85

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