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Tutankhamen.gif Tutankhamen Seal.jpg

Skills: Mana Storm, Mana Ring, Mana Arrow, Mana Shield, Cure, Rust, Banish
Summons Mad Sergeant (60), Mad Lieutenant (60), Mad Captain (60)

Lv: 71

Type: Magic

HP: 4085x4 / MP: 0

Exp: 19,608
Galder: 0-3721

AP: 605 / MA: 80

DP: 473 / MD: 564 / HV: 60

Protection: Non-elemental magic, Light, Wind
Weakness: Physical, Gun
Common Location(s): Pyramid Dungeon 7 - Room of Pharaoh

Use: 100 Galder Coupon
Weapon: Ultimate Bokken Sword, Ultimate Kane Rod, Ultimate Knife, Ultimate Wood Gun
Helmet: Ultimate Wood Helmet, Ultimate Beanie
Shield: Ultimate Wood Buckler
Unique: Golden Sword, Pharaoh Hat, Golden Lion Shield
Etc: Tutankhamen Card, Nemeth Hair Towel, Flail

Level Restriction: Level 1-90

Items Required for Entry: 1x Apron (consumed), 1x Subject's Earrings and 1x Subject's Mask (not consumed).
Entry Method: Give Rosemary in Pyramid Dungeon 5 - Hall of Love Affair an Apron and she'll let you into Pyramid Dungeon 6 - Hall of the Queen (must be level 90 or below).
Talk to Bastet with the Subject's Earrings and Subject's Mask and she'll admit you to Room of Guardian - Test of Calmness.
To proceed you need to complete 4 tests:
Lieutenant - Test of Calmness: Talk to Lieutanant to start a Monster Quest which requires you to kill the correct Scarab (it's aggressive) within 5 minutes then return back to proceed to Room of Guardian - Test of Quickness. NOTE: You don't need to loot the Seal that the Scarab drops.
Sergeant - Test of Quickness: Talk to Sergeant for another Monster Quest which requires you to kill Pharaoh's Mimic within 2 minutes to proceed to Room of Guardian - Test of Knowledge.
Captain - Test of Knowledge: Talk to Captain for a logic puzzle. There are 2 NPC's: Lieutanant and Sergeant. You need to choose which answer is correct based on what they say; the answers are found in Test of Knowledge. A second question will be asked about Egyptian history, answer this correct to proceed to Room of Guardian - Test of Power.
Bastet - Test of Power: Fight two Captains and one Guardian to acquire 1x Gray Round Seal, 1x Red Round Seal, 1x Dark Round Seal, then show them to Bastet to be transported to Pyramid Dungeon 7 - Room of Pharaoh.

Spawn Time: 1x Tutankhamen spawns 0-3 minute(s) after the previous spawn.

Notes: Tutankhamen spawns stronger versions of the three guardians you fought in Room of Guardian - Test of Power. Not recommended to fight solo below level 70 or so.

His Banish skill creates a large blue ring around a target player near him; anyone inside the ring when it disappears (around 3 seconds later) is teleported to Megalopolis and also to Paradise.
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